History - Founding & Evolution

Swami Vivekananda Rural Development Society


Inspired by Pujyasri Dayananda Saraswathi and under the auspices of Swami Vivekananda Rural Development Society, Single Teacher Schools (STS) was founded in 2006 by Sri S. Vedantam, Founder Director of Vishwa Hindu Vidya Kendra Schools. The idea of STS is to provide Quality Supplementary Primary Education to the poorest of the poor in remote villages. Children are taught up to Class V with emphasis on our culture, tradition and moral values.

Supplementary Education helps children sharpen their learning skills, functional literacy and other abilities leading to holistic training.

Eminent Educationists, Industrialists and highly respected people from various walks of life are on the Advisory Board, ensuring constant development and progress of Single Teacher Schools.

"You should take it up as your own work. Individuals can also help and talk to corporates and small business houses to support this endeavour. This is a program in which every individual should participate and feel that he has done something in a program of ‘caring’.
We also should be behind it. I am behind it".

- Pujyasri Swami Dayananda’s talk at the inaugural function of the Project in the year 2006.

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